FH Burgenland Continuing Education Ltd.
Thomas-A.-Edison-Straße 2
7000 Eisenstadt

Telephone: +43 57705-5100
E-Mail: office-weiterbildung(at)

Service hours

Monday to thursday8 am to 4 pm
Friday: 8 am to 1:30 pm


Meet our team

Mag.a (FH) Daniela Schuster

Managing Director


Christina Hergovich, Bakk.phil.

Assistant to the Managing Director & Quality Management


Mag.a Amelie Cserer

Program Director

Prof.(FH) Mag.a Bettina Schauer-Frank

Program Director & Deputy Head of the Kollegium der Fachhochschule Burgenland


Mag.a Nadja Rathmanner

Program Director

Judith Ivancsits, MA, Bakk.phil.

Academic Quality Management

Claudia Schloegl, BA, MA

Academic Quality Management


Anna Egresits

Program Management

Armin Frank

Program Management


Lisbeth Scharmer, MBA

Program Management

Nicole Schmidl

Program Management

Eva Haendler-Meyerl, MA

Marketing & Public Relations

Nadine Muehlhauser

Marketing & Public Relations

(on maternity leave)

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